From May to September 2012, I was a member of the Arts Visual Audio Sensing Technologies Project at UBC. Paige Armstrong, Megan Graf, Paul Bucci, and I worked together to create two interactive art installations at UBC. I’ve included a few pictures and video clips of the installations. For more info about the project (videos, pictures, blog posts) check out the AVAST project blog here:

Interference was the first of these two installations. On one wall a speaker array responds to anyone passing by. Each speaker plays a single component of the harmonic series. On the other wall a rectangle of light is projected. Both the audio and video will follow a spectator as they move from left to right in front of the two walls. If two people play together, one at each wall, the position of the person in front of the speaker array will control the colour of projection and the position of the person in front of the projection will control the timbre of the sounds.

The second installation can be found here: Study for an Ethereal Delight