Dramatic Events

Dramatic Events for dancer, electric guitar, and interactive electronics (2 performers), was composed in 2014 during the UBC laptop orchestra's residency in the Numediart lab at the University of Mons, Belgium. The work was composed and performed in collaboration with Kieran Coulter, Diana Brownie, and Jason Wong. 


  • 1 iPhone placed in a pocket on Diana's back. Using the custom written sensorUDP software, the phone sends motion data to a laptop. Diana's gestures can then be used to cue various soundfiles and audio effects. 
  • 1 iPad running MaxComm. An iPad performer (Jason Wong in the video) uses the 2d slider interface to perform various granular rustling/crinkling textures. 
  • 1 laptop processing the guitar input. A granular synthesis module creates different delay-like textures from the guitar input. Other effects are also added (reverb/delay/filtering).
  • 2 PS move motion controllers. Used by Diana in the second half of the piece to "paint" with light, via the projector, and to control a synth.